How to Recover Outlook

Repair Outlook 2010

Outlook application is the best available tool to send and receive mails from the system, directly get connected with the server using the normal mail account and synchronize all the contacts present in the address book. There are many versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and the latest developed by Microsoft is Outlook 2010 with more advanced features than their previous versions and also eliminated the flaws present in the previous versions. One important feature that attracts most of the users is that the increase in the size capacity of the PST file, i.e. maximum limit has been 50GB than 20GB that was present in the previous versions of Outlook. Due to long term usage, the application might get corrupted and all the important mails present are lost. Need not worry as to know how to repair and recover outlook mail box and other PST files present as the outlook repair tool restores and fixes all the corruption issues and recover emails and other information that were present in the users account.

    Outlook 2010 gets damaged as a result of following reasons:

    Bad Sector: Bad sectors are one of the main reasons that results in the damage of PST files that are present in the system. Once the file is damaged it becomes inaccessible and hence needs to be repaired for accessing all the information it contains. Bad sectors are caused as result of overheating of the drive, excessive drive usage i.e. keeping the system on continuously for larger duration of time.

    Abnormal Termination: Abnormal termination of the application program will cause major damage to the PST file that was being used for sending or receiving the mails. Programs are terminated abnormally when the software tool takes too long to respond to a particular task. While the task is being carried out sudden shutdown of the program will cause PST file corruption.

    Power Failure: Sudden power loss while working on the system will damage the application program that was being used. The files that were used by the application program will also be damaged and hence they cannot be accessed by the user. Power cut while sending or receiving the mails or other tasks that require the outlook application to be open will eventually damage the file that is being accessed.

    The outlook repair tool is developed with advanced scanning methods and other repair techniques to recover and repair all the PST files that are lost and as well as corrupted. This software can recover Outlook mailbox from the user’s outlook application program and restore all the mails that were lost due to various other reasons. This application program is supported to recover all the PST files that are password protected by the user. It can also restore deleted outlook items and also the mails that were deleted from the delete folder as a result of human error. The PST files which are repaired by using the outlook repair tool can be easily previewed, and these files can be saved in such a way that it easily supports the previous versions of the Microsoft Office. Special options are provided in the application program to search for the PST files, if the user has forgotten its location. Know how to recover outlook PST files with the simple graphical user interface provided by the tool. All the PST files can be repaired efficiently without putting much effort.

    Steps to repair outlook 2010:

    Step 1: Run the outlook repair application program in the system and click on the “Open PST File” to open the location of the desired file present.

    Step 2: As you select the file, next screen appears which will bring two options “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan”. Select the appropriate option and click the “Next” button to start the repair process.

    Step 3: After the completion of the repair process the contents present in the file are listed and hence they can be used accordingly.