How to Recover Outlook

Repair PST Windows 7

Windows is the most popular brand of operating system that is used around the world. This operating system is compatible with almost any computer system present. Over the duration of time Microsoft has launched many versions of these operating systems that have been developed with more and more advanced features to improve its functionality and perform the tasks in much easier and faster way. Windows 7 is one of the latest versions of the operating systems developed by Microsoft. With the PST file size of 50GB, more number of mails and other important information can be stored in it without much worry. Due to virus infections or for some other reasons mentioned below, the PST file may get damaged and all the information present in the account gets lost. Need not worry as to know how to recover outlook PST files present in the Windows operating system as the outlook repair tool repairs and recovers the entire PST file without damaging the contents present in it.

    Scenarios due to which PST gets corrupted:

    File System Damage: File system damage will result in the PST file being not accessible to the user and hence all the information is lost. File system damage is caused by virus infection, due to system crash or as result of other reasons. System crash occurs when the application hangs or fails to respond to the tasks assigned by the user.

    Improper Shut Down: Shutting down the system improperly while the application program is still in use will cause the PST file damage. All the information that is stored in the PST file i.e. the mails, events; information stored on the calendar, contact and many other types of data all gets damaged.

    Cross Storage Limit: There is a centralized storage file system provided by the Microsoft office application program. This procedure allows the storage of all the information present in the particular outlook profile on the single PST file so that it’s safe and can be maintained easily. The storage capacity of the PST file is limited to certain extent and if it exceeds the limit, all the data present in the file gets damaged and hence has to be repaired.

    The outlook repair tool is specially designed to repair all the PST files present in the outlook application without changing the file name or altering the information present in it. This tool can recover outlook mailbox effectively that contains all the mails that are received by the user. This recovery tool easily repairs all the PST files that were damaged as a result of improper shut down of the system effectively. All the settings and other information that was present in the file can be accessed without any change in the information present. This advanced feature developed within this tool can effectively restore deleted outlook items from the application program without even missing single information present in that particular file. After the repair process has been completed this application program provides the real time preview of the PST file that has been repaired effectively from the desired destination location. The other effective feature is that, it efficiently has the ability to repair outlook 2010 and other previous versions of the Microsoft Office application. It also have the feature to recover deleted folders from Microsoft Outlook 2010 without causing any changes or damages to the recovered folders. Recovered folders remains same as the original. To recover deleted Outlook 2010 folders, you can use this software.

    Steps to repair PST windows 7:

    Step 1: Run the application program installed in the system to repair the respective PST file. Click on “Open PST File” provided in the main screen.

    Step 2: Select the file and click on the “Next” button to proceed with the repair process.

    Step 3: Select the “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan” option provided to repair the particular corrupted PST file. After the completion of the repair process the contents of the PST file are displayed.